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Your Passions Project – Sources for Free Online Courses

  Source: Look for courses that include some way to track your progress and offer lessons chunked into smaller parts. Some ongoing science projects may also be appropriate. Ask Mr. T or Ms. Angst. Do not pick something that will happen anyways. You will be presenting a discussion of your process in June. — The […]

Getting Ready for MACC at Citadel

Welcome to Mr. T’s classroom website! A few notes for the first two weeks: 1) Show up! As a parent, I remember thinking how the first week of school seemed sort of silly. There were no Math or Science classes, so was it really that important? Now that I am a teacher I can say […]

“Privately Owned Devices” Form

Before your student can use WiFi on their device at school, parents are required to fill out the district “Privately Owned Devices” form. It is now available on the Parent E-Forms page on the school site. You will need information about your student’s device.