The Chicken McNugget Problem

Photo: Fritz Saalfeld


Chicken McNuggets can be purchased in quantities of 6, 9, and 20 pieces. You can buy exactly 15 pieces by purchasing a 6 and a 9, but you can’t buy exactly 10 McNuggets. What is the largest number of McNuggets that can NOT be purchased?

You will need a systematic approach to solving this problem. What is your plan? You must hand in your work.

We worked on the problem in class with just a few hints. You may now work on the problem using any resource you wish (friends, online resources, etc.). Remember, the adults in your life should be your last, not your first, source of help. This is your opportunity to be resourceful.

Bonus: What if the McNuggets could be purchased in quantities of 6, 9 , and 21 pieces? What would the largest quantity be that could NOT be purchased.


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